Pretty Mixed-media Upcycled Jewelry Pieces

I made these Upcycled Jewelry Pieces using various materials, including shells, CDs, Ox bone, vinyl records, and more! Design out…

6 years ago

Visual Soundz Design Wearable Compact Disc Jewelry

Now that we're going digital, what should you do with those old CDs? Make Wearable Compact Disc Jewelry! This jewelry…

6 years ago

Lamp From Recycled Cd’s

Recycled lamp with pieces of CD painted and put in the oven.

7 years ago

Easy Ideas to Reuse Old Cd’s

We all have somewhere, forgotten in a drawer or cupboard, old and scratched cd's which we fly every time we…

8 years ago

Upcycled Cd I Love Lucy Clock

I used an old scratched CD, a discarded plastic lid from an "I Love Lucy" series box and a clock…

8 years ago

Horse Sculpture Decoration Made With Old Cds & Dvds

I was asked to decorate a horse sculpture. I decided to create a seahorse with acrylic paint and old CDs…

8 years ago

Mirrors Made Out Of Recycled Cd And Rolled Paper

100 % recycling. The material is newspapers, cd's, cardboard and a broken mirror cut into pieces.

8 years ago

Ideias Simples Para Reciclar Cds Velhos

Você acumula uma pilha de CDs e DVDs velhos e não sabe o que fazer com eles? Confira nossas dicas…

8 years ago

Arte Com Reciclagem De Cds De Sean Avery

Australian Artist Sean Avery is a sculptor with an international recognition, best known for his sculptures of animals made from…

8 years ago