Metal Sculpture Recycled Chess Pieces

Don't buy cheesy, cheap discount store chessmen. Instead, make your Recycled Chess Pieces. No special skills or techniques are required.…

7 years ago

Old Lightning Chess

With litlle pieces of old lighting, we created the pieces of a chess game.

11 years ago

Poor Man’s Chess

Chess set made from plastic bottle top parts. I did not have money to buy a chess set so I…

11 years ago

Xiang Qi (Ca Tuong) – Chinese Chess Set

In this Chinese chess set, the figurines are made from different parts in steel, aluminum, brass, leather out-take, glass marbles...…

11 years ago

Bolts Chess Pieces!

Glues some nuts and bolts together for these, then a prime coat, and dry brushed for a rustic look.

12 years ago

Chess Set Made of Corks

Last year I decided to make a chess set out of corks. No reason for it I don’t have much…

13 years ago

Chess Game Set Made From Shopping Cardboard Box And Bag

Chess set made from a cardboard packing box, cut into different-sized pellets, and a shopping bag, cut into strips, hand-rolled…

13 years ago

Chess Table Made of Old Phone Booth

AFTER / BEFORE Made by Milnec Design. They strongly felt that a used and discarded phone booth should be given…

15 years ago