The S&p Winchester Clock

This "S&P Winchester Clock" is a tribute to my friend Larry, and his love of guns. I wanted to show…

4 years ago

Dp Fire Department Clock “Ted”

Fire Department - upcycled clock. I did this clock to show my appreciation to the Fire department that saved my…

6 years ago

Upcycled Chop Saw Blade Clock

I wore out the blade on my chop saw and couldn't bear to throw it away, and I needed a…

6 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Rust-oleum Glow-in-the-dark Clock

Well, my paint told me I should paint a clock, so we paint a clock with glow in the dark…

6 years ago

Upcycled 12″ Vinyl Record Into Wall Clock

In a previous job, I was lucky enough to work with a laser cutter. I decided to experiment after seeing…

7 years ago

Leslie’s Mobil Oil Clock “Ralph”

A tribute to: The Aladdin Oil (Standard Oil of New York) SOCONY and the Wayne gas pump clock face.

7 years ago

Tiki Time Clock

A clock I created with Autocad, an etching laser, and a waterjet. It has LED backlighting with a remote garage…

7 years ago

Repurposed Clocks Made from the Parts and Pieces of Old Mechanical Machines

I take apart old mechanical machines and make useful things from the small parts and pieces. Typewriters, sewing machines, cash…

7 years ago

Leslie’s Recycled Table Clocks

We spent a lot of time at our kitchen table ....

8 years ago