Funtastickz Trassh Artz “From Ragz To Blanketz”

  From Ragz To Blanketz is an art and craft project/problem-solving tool developed by the environmental artist Dennis N. Easter…

2 years ago

Skirtella’s Collection by Ema Creations

Skirtella's Collection - London/Brixton 2013-2016 With old or broken umbrellas, I recreate a new dress: Skirt + Umbrella = Skirtella…

3 years ago

Ice Dyed Refashioned Babydoll Top

Lovely lavender, magenta, and blue hues sport this ice dyed refashioned women's top!

7 years ago

Simple Upcycle Of Garment

Take a piece of clothing and upcycle it through changing its color. Make it a piece of art!

7 years ago

Fantasy Wolf Pup Made From Recycled Clothing

"Red" the Fantasy Wolf Pup was made by Seattle, WA artist TouchedbyLavender. Red has a handmade wire poseable skeleton. The…

7 years ago

Recycled Clothing Raccoon Noni

Noni the raccoon was made by Seattle, WA artist TouchedbyLavender. Noni has a handmade wire pose able skeleton. The hands…

7 years ago

Recycled Children’s Clothes

Kid's Lounge is a current and continuous collection of quality children's wear that started when I picked up some yellow…

8 years ago

How To Make A Rug With Old Denim

Upcycle your old denims by making a nice circle rug. I use 7 pant's┬áto make it and I end up…

8 years ago

How To Recycle An Old Key In A Skull Button ?

Marie is a French creator of clothes. She creates quite kind of dresses, jackets, and to be made needs buttons.…

9 years ago