A Recycled Year: Top 5 Posts On Recyclart In 2015

2015 is near the end, and it was another great year at Recyclart with a lot of originals contributions made…

8 years ago

A Mini Easel From Clothespins

It's easy and very cheap to make a mini easel from clothespins. You need 6 clothespins, 1 stick, and wood…

8 years ago

50+ Creative Ways of Reusing Clothespins

We already showcased on Recyclart some craft ideas made from upcycled clothespins. Today we will show you more than 50…

9 years ago

Clothespin Pendant Lamp

Lamp made with clothespins. Yes, those clips which we use for drying our clothes! Makes a beautiful shadow when it's…

11 years ago

Clothespins Advent Calendar

Beautiful idea for your homemade Christmas advent calendar with clothespins!

11 years ago

Homemade Brooch

Paper + glue + clothespins + paint = homemade broaches!

14 years ago