Moon Dancer Recycled Packaging Collage

Moon dancer is a fanciful figure dancing in the sky before a blood moon with giant ginkgo leaf fans.

6 years ago

Blue Heron Upcycled Paper Wall Art

I am surrounded by nature which is a huge inspiration for the recycled pieces I create.

7 years ago

Recycling Magazine Pages

I start by collecting pages from magazines, supermarket folders, whatever paper with a bright color. Dividing the page in two,…

7 years ago

Rek: Upcycled Newspaper Into Flowers

I love the idea of upcycling, and I try to make little poetry with waste material (newspapers, gazettes, magazines, plastic…

7 years ago

Buddha, Collage From Upcycled Magazines, Newspapers & Buttons

I found a velvet Jesus in the trash. I used old magazines, newspaper and buttons to create a Buddha.

8 years ago

St. Gerard Majella Magazine Collage Art

St. Gerard Majella is the Patron Saint of expecting mothers. Made from recycled old magazine pages and cardboard. It took…

8 years ago

Evergreen: Magazines Collage

Collage using garden magazines & product packaging...this little green guy has a camouflage tongue...among other features! Thanks for looking!

8 years ago

Ideas Of Decoration Made From Old Postcards

Postcards have been pushed aside by modern means of communication but do not cease to exude a special nostalgic style...…

8 years ago

Mosaics Made With Recycled Candy and Drink Labels

All my work is created with recycled candy and drink labels. It takes a good amount of time to create…

8 years ago