A Chair That Survived California’s Camp Fire Gets New Life With a Colorful Makeover

In November 2018, my family and I escaped as a wildfire destroyed our entire town including our home. When we…

4 years ago

Grocery Store From Upcycled Packaging Boxes

I created a small grocery store from repurposed empty foods, products of goods boxes, attached with hot glue and clear…

8 years ago

Beautiful Jewels Made From Upcycled Nespresso Caps

We already several jewels made from upcycled Nespresso caps (here, here or here) but the jewels done by Kathleen Nowak Tucci…

8 years ago

Plastic Glasses & Bottles Flower Lamps

Flower lamps made with plastic bottles, plastic glasses, shoppers and led lights!

8 years ago

Colorful Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet coffee table named "Tablet" with tea candle holder and decorative little stones. Also, there are wheels on the table.

8 years ago

Rainbow Trees From Up-cycled Plastics

As an artist and educator, much of my work is site-responsive. I like to with both the community from the…

9 years ago

Table Basse Assemblage Chromatique De Bois De Palettes / Colored Pallets Coffee Table

Table basse de salon réalisée avec des bois de palettes colorés, patinés et brûlés. Un coffre de rangement est dissimulé…

9 years ago

Zapatos De Colores Por El Mundo

On the Colombian Caribbean, with colorful painted old shoes, the author Jordi Roca (Barcelona) aims to give value to the…

9 years ago

Green Devil: Bag Made from Neckties and Jeans

What to do with old ties? Check out this messenger style bag made from jeans and neckties with necktie strap…

9 years ago