Old Fabric Becomes Holiday Decor Upcycled Tassels

Turn brightly-colored pieces of fabric into Upcycled Tassels for your home décor! This project upcycles any favorite fabrics, mixing colors…

6 years ago

Diy: Use A Branch As A Curtain Rod

I love this simple but clever idea that will add a nice touch of nature to your decoration. Instead of…

8 years ago

1,152 35mm Film Slides Into Curtain

These are window treatments like no other. Sustainable Stylish and Multifunctional. Upcycled Custom curtains made from vintage one of a…

10 years ago

Book Bead Curtain

I have wanted to make a paper bead curtain for the longest time, but as you can see it takes…

10 years ago

Recycled Curtains into 2side Jacket

This is one of many pieces from my collection of two-side jackets made of curtains from secondhand shops. This particular…

11 years ago

Bottle Top Bathroom Curtain

Bottle tops make great features in windows, doorways and as divisions- they also make a great sound when moved! More…

11 years ago

Fish Bag

Bag made of showercurtain.

11 years ago

Curtain Made of Recycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

After picking some used Nespresso coffee capsules, and making lots of little handcrafts, I had the idea of making a…

12 years ago

Wooden Curtain

We had a deliviery of new tables in my office. The desk tops were protected with simply pressboard crossbars around…

12 years ago