diy recycling ideas

Make Christmas Ornaments With Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper roll is not the first material you may think about to create Christmas ornaments. You may change your…

2 years ago

Recycled Drink Cans Into Amazing Decorative Flowers

Flowers made from recycled drink cans.

3 years ago

Easy DIY: Make a Decorative Framed Mirror Using Recycled Cardboard and a Glue Gun

This is a fun and easy project that almost anyone can complete. Easy enough for a kid to do, but…

3 years ago

Recycled (Be My) Valentine Craft

Valentine's Day has become all about paper and waste. Show your loved ones that they are appreciated and on your…

3 years ago

5 Examples of Creative Ways to Turn Trash into Cash

Nowadays, our planet is literally drowning in garbage. The amount of global waste has reached unimaginable numbers and, unfortunately, very…

3 years ago

Top 5 November 2017 Upcycled Projects You Chose

We hope your holidays so far have been fantastic. Here are five astounding November 2017 Upcycled Projects you chose! Keep those…

5 years ago

Turn Trash Into Gorgeous Window Screens!

I live in a French style apartment. The landlords business is below me and I am living above him. I…

6 years ago

Transformed Trash Displayed In Times Square

(VENICE, CA) In an unconventional twist, a California-based non-profit is taking the opposite tactic of depositing its trash into New…

6 years ago