Funtastickz Trassh Artz “From Ragz To Blanketz”

  From Ragz To Blanketz is an art and craft project/problem-solving tool developed by the environmental artist Dennis N. Easter…

2 years ago

Old Aluminum Blinds Into Lampshade

Upcycle metal window blinds into a contemporary version of a mid-century Tiki-style lampshade.

3 years ago

DIY cardboard Shelf

Turn cardboard boxes into a decorative wall shelf.

3 years ago

Upcycled Candles

Instead of throwing out plain white dollar store candles not being used, upcycle them using chalk paint and colored wax…

3 years ago

DIY: Desk Organizer Caddy

Organize your desk with milk cartons.

3 years ago

How to Make Flower Lights Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Discover how to recycle your used plastic water bottles into something colorful and amazing.

4 years ago

How To Make A Mini Greenhouse From Reclaimed Wood

Find out how to make a mini-greenhouse from reclaimed wood, so you can start growing your own vegetable seedlings!

4 years ago

It’s the Moment to Reuse Waste Paper – Here Are Some Clever Ways to Do It

Have you ever wondered how many things are made out of paper? You are using paper for many purposes in…

4 years ago

Diy: How to Make a Copper Penny Floor?

Want a floor that will stun your guests and really wow your friends? Try a copper penny floor! Use beautifully…

4 years ago