Easy Christmas Wall Art Ideas Using Natural Materials

Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with decorations, even if you are a beginner or afraid of big and…

4 years ago

Upcycled Soil Bag Into Gym Bag

Repurpose a soil bag and turn it into a draw-string bag.

4 years ago

Upcycled Maps Into Bookmark

Reuse old unused maps and make a bookmark with them.

4 years ago

Upcycled Jewelry Hanger

Repurpose sticks (or in my case, used firework sticks), wine corks and bottle caps to make a rustic-look bracelet and…

4 years ago

No-sew T-shirt Bag

Make an adorable tote bag with No sewing needed.

4 years ago

How to Recycle Your Artificial Christmas Wreaths into Perfect Summer Décor

Christmas comes and goes so quickly, that by January 1st you’re often sat wondering, why did I bother spending time…

4 years ago

Pallet Wood Modular Patio Coffee Table

A super easy, inexpensive, and way cute little patio table made of pallet wood blocks and nails.

4 years ago

Upcycling Dress from T-shirt and Leggings

A video tutorial on how to make a dress out of an old t-shirt and leggings!

4 years ago

Cardboard Cactuses For Your Home Decor

I moved into a new house with a small South facing conservatory. It was looking a bit bare and could…

5 years ago