How to Repurpose Mardi Gras Beads into a Sculpture using a Mannequin Torso

A beautiful pearl-encrusted mannequin torso like the one above is super easy to create. The only skill needed is patience…

2 years ago

Funtastickz Trassh Artz “From Ragz To Blanketz”

  From Ragz To Blanketz is an art and craft project/problem-solving tool developed by the environmental artist Dennis N. Easter…

2 years ago

Skirtella’s Collection by Ema Creations

Skirtella's Collection - London/Brixton 2013-2016 With old or broken umbrellas, I recreate a new dress: Skirt + Umbrella = Skirtella…

3 years ago

Upcycling Dress from T-shirt and Leggings

A video tutorial on how to make a dress out of an old t-shirt and leggings!

5 years ago

February’s Finest Top 5 Ideas of 2018 That’ll Inspire You!

Hopefully, you're not too buried under the wintery weather to begin a new project. After you dig out of the…

6 years ago

Clutch From Upcycled Collar Baby Shirts

I liked so much over the plaid shirt that I did not want to give it and thought about what…

7 years ago

Trash-fashions from Recycled Rubber

Working with trash creating one of a kind outrageous pieces of sculptures for the body... dare to wear!! I collect…

7 years ago

Ice Dyed Refashioned Babydoll Top

Lovely lavender, magenta, and blue hues sport this ice dyed refashioned women's top!

7 years ago

Textile Decorative Letters

Decorative letters for the child's room made from recycled dresses can be hung or become beautiful cushions for children's bed.

7 years ago