Upcycled Elegance – Sustainable Jewelry Made From Plastic Bottles

  At Upcycle with Jing, we want you to both looks and feel good when wearing our jewelry. Therefore, all…

3 years ago

Simple Watch Face Earrings (Version 2)

Do you have some old watches that don’t work anymore, or maybe you don’t wear them? If you do, I…

3 years ago

Soda Can Earrings

Cut up a shape from a soda can, emboss it, and attach it to an earring loop. It's that easy.

3 years ago

Upcycled Wrist Watch Earrings

Why keep old wrist watches around if they don’t work? Here’s why! They make interesting earrings!

4 years ago

Toast These Stunning Collage Art Bottle Cap Earrings

What do you do when your bottle is empty? Have a second and turn those bottle caps into beautiful collage-art…

6 years ago

10 Easy Upcycled Christmas Decor Ideas You Can Make!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we all love to shower our loved ones with beautiful gifts. Additionally, the anticipation as…

6 years ago

Curlywurly Inner Tube Accessories: The New Vegan Leather

The new ZABO curlywurly accessory collection is made entirely out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes.

7 years ago

Pottery Shard Jewelry – Bezeled Flower Pottery Shard Garnet Necklace

Unearthed Jewellery offers you pottery shard jewelry that grounds you in its history and connects you to the earth. UK-found…

7 years ago

Upcycled Sewing Machine Bobbins Into Earrings

When I purchased an assortment of small novelty items, two sewing machine bobbins were included. So, I made a sewing…

7 years ago