Curlywurly Inner Tube Accessories: The New Vegan Leather

The new ZABO curlywurly accessory collection is made entirely out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes.

7 years ago

Hardly Wasted Artworks: Photography on Recycled Timber

Hardly Wasted Artworks. An original photograph taken by Black Rose Photography mounted onto a recycled/re-purposed piece of timber.

7 years ago

Upcycled Fashion Accessories by Laura Zabo

Check out Laura Zabo's gorgeous eco-friendly fashion collection, made entirely of repurposed bicycle tires.

7 years ago

Stone Art

These beach stones were hand-decorated in the author's technique called "Stone Tattoo". ¬†Natural river rocks are healing and have great…

8 years ago

Little Red Chicken Coop

These pieces are made completely from rescued, recycled and repurposed materials. Nothing is wasted here and each piece is green…

9 years ago

Eco-friendly Jewellery

Inspired by mandarin lamps and sea shells, these upcycled necklaces are made from recycled plastic bottles. An extended search for…

9 years ago

The Lightest Earrings Made From Repurposed Cans

Hello folks! I'm Edi Oetinger, designer and owner of¬† - eco friendly jewellery, handmade in Pembroksehire. u.k The idea has…

9 years ago

Playful Jewelry with a Fairly Classic Line Focused on Eco-friendly and Natural Materials

I divide myself between Rome and a small greek island in Aegean sea. From the sea comes the name of…

9 years ago

Custom Bike Innertube Bracelets

Repurposed upcycled bike tubes have been handcrafted into original art pieces for your wrist. Each bracelet is unique; no two…

9 years ago