Remnant Lamp 2016 From Upcycled Plastic Packagings

Nothing gets wasted at MADE-UP DESIGN NZ!

7 years ago

Volcano: Eco-design Workshop For Children

VOLCANO is a workshop/school of eco-design that produces and teaches children, young people, and adults to create games and educational…

9 years ago

Furniture with Roof Garden by Redolab

A new work by Redolab. All material was recovered: reclaimed wood and iron. An interior design idea for a simple…

9 years ago

Consolle Dockyard by Redolab

The passion for tinkering, handicraft and everything made by hand and the awareness that every choice has an impact on…

9 years ago

Redolab Work

Setting up in the garden of a friend's restaurant and using only recycled materials!

10 years ago

L’horloge Cargo

My clocks are made from a recycled 200 liters metal barrel and an assembly of recycled metal pieces and riveted…

10 years ago

New Creations by Ecocentriche Ecodesign

A little selection of our last recycled creations made with recycled cardboard.

10 years ago

Recycled Chair Mondrian

Recycled chair inspired by an artist Piet Mondrian.

11 years ago

Recycled Chair Malevich

Recycled chair inspired by Kazimir Malevich with his famous "Black Square".

11 years ago