garden art

New Life For Discarded Bike Parts

  After moving into a house on a steep ridge, we decided to put handrails down to our backyard. We…

2 years ago

Recycled Drink Cans Into Amazing Decorative Flowers

Flowers made from recycled drink cans.

3 years ago

Modern Pvc Pipe Birds Make Unique Yard Art!

Turn a PVC pipe into these amazing birds for your yard. Using some basic tools, you can easily create your…

6 years ago

Mondheim Recycled Metal Birdhouse

Steel bird house from scrapped pipe, plate, bars and rods.

7 years ago

Hawaiian Style Terrific Turtle Tile Art For Indoors Or Outdoors

Turn those leftover kitchen tiles and upcycle a garage sale table into this Terrific Turtle Tile Art. I made a…

7 years ago

Gravity Glue: The Art of Balancing Rocks

Michael Grab is an artist who has mastered the art of rocks balancing. He explains on his website how he…

10 years ago