How To Make A Vertical Garden From Pallet Wood

If you've got vibracrete boundary walls on your property, we've made a tutorial video and step-by-step instructions explaining how to…

3 years ago

License Plate Wind Spinners

Garden wind spinners made from upcycled license plates! Sometimes the simplest ideas are best. Starting with old license plates, I…

4 years ago

“Sunrise” Garden Sculpture

Garden sculpture in its own right, Sunrise may be used as a summer potted plant stand or winter bird feeder.…

4 years ago

Cedar Plant Swing Holder

Made from upcycled scraps of cedarwood, these adorable plant swings hold 5 pots each - indoors or out.

4 years ago

Pallet Wood Modular Patio Coffee Table

A super easy, inexpensive, and way cute little patio table made of pallet wood blocks and nails.

4 years ago

Recycled Fence From Discarded Fence Boards

Brand new artistic redwood fence created from discarded fence boards.

5 years ago

What To Do With Old Bricks? Here are 14 Ways To Reuse Them In Your Garden

Whether you are looking to repair an old garden wall, refurbish a shed or garage, or you want to create…

5 years ago

The Wine Bottle Solar Powered Chianti Star Cruiser

As part of the solar-powered wine bottle armada, I love sharing my passion for all things solar, sustainable, earth-friendly, artistic,…

5 years ago

My Garden Pallet Projects

I love creating things for my garden using free stuff as I don't have much money. So I started collecting…

5 years ago