Vintage Lamp From a Repurposed 1940’s Forman Percolator Coffee Pot

By Neokentin

What a great way to add light and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to you space!

Easy Ideas to Recycled & Reuse Old Computer Parts


The technology advances with an incredible speed and clearly, one old computer will be forgotten in a warehouse or garage. You have two alternatives: to bring it in an appropriate container that have most electronics store for industrial recycling, or to the reuse it creatively, creating original decorative or even furniture with parts.

Original Murano Glass from Italy

By Neokentin

We at ArtWeShop are Murano glass art enthusiasts united with the mission to bring back art in the life of people. We created the ArtWeShop online platform to introduce people […]

A Recycled Year: Top 5 Posts On Recyclart In 2015

By Neokentin

2015 is near the end, and it was another great year at Recyclart with a lot of originals contributions made from recycled, upcycled or repurposed materials! Before starting 2016, let’s […]

5 Minute Candlesticks

By Ronja Lotte

For years, I have been following the Washi tape craze in the crafting scene and although I own one or two Washi tapes myself, I never really knew what to […]

Diy: Detergent Cup

By Ronja Lotte

Since I needed a detergent cup, I just made one myself and the reaction of my friends was rather … subdued. To be precise, I only got astonished looks until […]

Recycled Old Window With Stained Glass Art

By Neokentin

I found this large old window sash on a street in Upson Co., Georgia. Once cleaned and reglazed I attached several pounds of 1/2″ stained glass mosiac tiles and grouted […]

Coastal Country Decor Ideas Using Upcycled Pallets


If like me you’re a fan of coastal-country style decor, here are 5 easy & cheap ways to embed it in your space using recycled wooden pallets… Two pallets, pebbles, some […]

Small Flower Pots Made From Upcycled Pallets

By Neokentin

Little flower or succulent pots found at Reclaim Design store, a store dedicated to products made from recycled materials. These indoor pots are mainly made from recycled wooden pallets (planks […]

Getting Creative with Curtains: Fun Upcycles for Your Windows

By Brooke Chaplan

I wanted to share an article about some adorable window treatment ideas that can be made with your own two hands!

Upcycled Old Leggings Into Beautiful Lampshades


If you are fun of creative recycling, you will love this unusual DIY idea found at Vintage Revivals website, that show you how you can convert and old and ordinary […]

Refresh Old & Cheap Objects Using Spray Color


All of us, have had received a gift that is so kitsch and bad taste that it’s even ashamed to donate them charitable associations. If you have such items that […]

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