Bullet Chain Necklace

I saw-pierced Winchester .307 and .303 British (used) brass bullets vertically to make chain links for a necklace. Bullets supplied…

10 years ago

Cuckoo Clock

I always wanted a great cuckoo clock. But couldn't find one to my taste. So I decided to make one…

12 years ago

Words Create Worlds

I made this piece of pop art to demonstrate that audio alone has the ability to create powerful and vivid…

12 years ago

Recycled Ammunition Casings

John Ton make these art pieces from spent -recycled- ammunition casings found on rifle and pistol ranges. ++ John Ton…

15 years ago

Steampunk Riffle Prototype

Steampunk Riffle and Guns realised with just trash pieces and recycled items by ... Chris Anderson ! ++ More information…

15 years ago

Retro Ray Gun


15 years ago