Candlestick Made from Pallet Wood & Scrap

Small cubes candlesticks made of recycled wood pallets and metal scrap.

7 years ago

Can-delites, The Only Way To Burn A Candle

I'm sorry, I'm spoiled for life. To me, there is no better way to observe, absorb, to meditate with a…

8 years ago

Bike Chain Cross Sconce

This is a candle holder made from old bike chain and some spare parts.

8 years ago

Umbrella Holder From One Recycled Tire

A simple & clever idea with this tire recycled into an umbrella holder...simple, useful and look nice!

9 years ago

Ducpen: Pen Holder Made From Recycled Ducati 916 Transmission

A cool desktop pen holder made from recycled Ducati 916 transmission parts. Created by the guys at "Moto Corse Performance"…

9 years ago

Candle Light From Upcycled Old Cans

Hand made candle light designs made from old cans. Dog food, soup, vegetable, coffee, it's all re-usable. I came with…

9 years ago

Diy: Candle Holders with Recycled Coffee Capsules

DIY Candle Holders are perfect for gift or for home decor. It will give you a nice and unique fresh…

9 years ago

Recycled Jeans & Cans … Multipurpose

Recycled cans and jeans, so practical :)

9 years ago

T-lights Holders Made of Sea Glass

These candle holders are made with found sea glass and are fixed with transparent silicon.

10 years ago