Fred the Friendly Fish – Plastic Oceans & Household Plastics

My own household plastics reused to create a sculpture & encourage consideration for our environment.

6 years ago

Extraordinary Ways to Recycle Old Household Products to Uniquely New Artifacts

When Household items are no longer useful, owners, sometimes, think to get rid of them by dumping them. How about…

6 years ago

Re-cycle Workshop

Recycled bicycle artworks from the good people at Magnificent Revolution. As part of their exhibition, The Pedal Powered Home in…

13 years ago

Household Waste Art

For Patrick G. BRIDE, the artistic recycling of certain household waste is a means to express its creativity and to…

15 years ago

Household Objects Head

Great sculpture made of washing machines, computers and other household objects. On display at Eden project Cornwall. I really love…

15 years ago