Insects From Recycled Materials

I work with all kind of materials. If it's used, it's a material. This is from an exhibition this eastern. Those…

9 years ago

The Savvy Shopper

Part of what I do in my shop is making home decor items out of old, worn out or just…

12 years ago

Kitchen Insect

That's what you can do with recovery of old kitchen pieces, the horned beast is done with an old water…

13 years ago

Nespresso Caps Insects

Waste is an untapped source of high-quality building material! By creating objects from our wastes my aim is to stimulate…

13 years ago

Insected Junk

An exemple from a large colection of recicled electronic pieces.

13 years ago


We "CG Recycled Art" a group workshop consisting of Cristina Pino and Gustavo Suasnábar. These pieces were made with everyday…

13 years ago

Hybrid Toys

Sang Won Sung is a contemporary artist from Korea who collects parts of various plastic toys to create these bizarre looking hybrid animals. Most…

14 years ago