DIY: Glass Bottles & Jars Into Flower Vases

Reuse glass bottles and jars to make modern flower vases.

2 years ago

Pickle Jar Into Table Lamp

In the olden days, Indians used to prepare pickles once in a year, to be used for the whole year.…

3 years ago

Alcohol Burner From Aluminum Can & Glass Jar

The bottom of the aluminum can match perfectly to the top of a glass jar. I used a thread from…

7 years ago

Small Flower Pots Made From Upcycled Pallets

Little flower or succulent pots found at Reclaim Design store, a store dedicated to products made from recycled materials. These…

7 years ago

How to Upcycle Old Jars into Pretty Jam-filled Gifts

A step by step tutorial to upcycle old jars into a pretty handmade gift by filling them with jam and…

9 years ago

Colourful Chalkboard Spice Jars

Brighten up your spice cupboard and put your old jars to use with this colorful chalkboard craft project.

9 years ago

Diy: Paper Tube Jars

Make jars out of paper tubes and scraps of cardboard. Step by step tutorial in English and Swedish.

9 years ago

Valentine’s Day Candle Jar

Easy recycled candle jar for Valentine's day.

9 years ago

Mason Jar Light Globe

This light fixture was purchased at a Habitat Store with no globes. An easy fix was to glue mason jar…

9 years ago