Green Devil Punk Bear From Upcycled Items

I make art from abandoned and preowned toys as a statement on the ugliness of our throwaway society.

6 years ago

Easy Ideas to Recycled & Reuse Old Computer Parts

The technology advances with an incredible speed and clearly, one old computer will be forgotten in a warehouse or garage.…

8 years ago

10 Creative Ways Of Upcycling Keyboard Keys

What do you do with your old keyboard when it stops working? You take it to a recycling center in…

8 years ago

Recycled Earrings

Hi, my name is Blanka and I'm from Romania. My English is very poor, I hope you understand me anyway.…

9 years ago

7,000 Recycled Keyboard Keys Costumes

I present to you two of my works. One of them is "Keyflower" – made of power supply unit, wire…

10 years ago

Keyboard Earrings

Your computer keyboard isn't working anymore? Don't throw it away! Why not turning the caps into funny earrings??? Here's the…

10 years ago

The Light Of Characters

This light has won 1st price for “Tái khám phá không gian Xanh 2012” contest in Vietnam about recycled design,…

10 years ago

Upcycling Keyboard

Accessories made from an old computer keyboard.

10 years ago


Self explaining! Cheap and old electric parts from the flea market.

11 years ago