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"Ingredients" Recycled Kitchen Art

By Neokentin

Canvas collages using recycled materials that make a unique, one of a kind decoration for kitchens, restaurants or any food establishments.

Spirolustre From Upcycled Kitchen Utensil

By Neokentin

An early ecologist, Didier Birée’s creations have a negligible carbon footprint. Avoiding machining, his objects are only drilled and then assembled with rivets and screws. Chrome, thin and light sources […]

Creative Decor Ideas Using Driftwood Branches or Reclaimed Wood

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Driftwood, reclaimed wood, and branches, are an expensive home trend to buy from stores, but there are totally free in nature. Get inspired by the above ideas and  use them […]

Skateboard Wine Rack

By Neokentin

Check out this unique wine rack I made from an old skateboard deck. Nuts and bolts (covered with clear tubing) hold each bottle. Black rubber tips also help protect the […]

Diy: Detergent Cup

By Ronja Lotte

Since I needed a detergent cup, I just made one myself and the reaction of my friends was rather … subdued. To be precise, I only got astonished looks until […]

5 Creative Ways To Reuse Wooden Rulers In Your Home Decoration

By styleitchic.blogspot.com

Often, simple objects can be used as interior decoration and as an economic option to decorate your house. Today I suggest five different & creative ways to upcyle a simple […]

Upcycle A Cereal Liner

By Neodim

Try to reuse as much plastic as possible. I like to store my rice inside of a well washed cereal plastic bag (liner) because is quite sturdy and thick. And […]

Simple Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack

By Neodim

A wine rack for the kitchen made from recycled wooden pallet and un-waxed, I left it natural.

Colorful Fruit Crates as Wall Mounted Shelves

By Burçin Uçak

My latest interior design-kitchen arrangement, one big wall is designed as shelving combined with black chalkboard wall. To organize the kitchen and restore goods, old fruit crates are recycled and […]

Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Machine

By Neodim

To upcycle my coffee maker, I had to free the machine out of the modern plastic housing. Boiler, pump, pad holder and electronics became the new measures for this pallet […]

30+ Ways of Reusing Wooden Pallets In Your Kitchen

By Neokentin

1001Pallets.com is a website dedicated to wooden pallets upcycling, recycling & repurposing. You can find thousands of recycling ideas with pallets, and we’ve made a little selection devoted to the kitchen […]

Magnetic Knife Storage from Recycled Speaker

By Neokentin

The old speaker is screwed into the wood and decorated in vintage style for the kitchen knife storage.

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