Old Aluminum Blinds Into Lampshade

Upcycle metal window blinds into a contemporary version of a mid-century Tiki-style lampshade.

3 years ago

Yoga Mat Upcycled Into Original Lamp Shade

My old lamp shade was falling apart so I had the idea to give them a new life by covering…

6 years ago

February’s Finest Top 5 Ideas of 2018 That’ll Inspire You!

Hopefully, you're not too buried under the wintery weather to begin a new project. After you dig out of the…

6 years ago

Upcycled World Map Lampshade

Turn a garage sale lamp shade into a work of art with a yacht map or beach themed gift wrap.

6 years ago

Graphic Lines Inner Tube Lamp Shades

Is it rubber or leather? Recycled inner tubes, cut and wrapped around: you must see the effect!

7 years ago

Rock & Roll Desk Lamp From Recycled Vinyl Records

Lamps made from recycled vinyl records!

7 years ago

Lampshades of Recycled Rubber

Seeing a picture in a design magazine of man creating a lampshade with thin ropes of leather, my imagination was…

7 years ago

Lampshade From Recycled Paper, Cardboard & Dolls

Unique lampshade from recycled paper and cardboard inspired from Greek mythology.

8 years ago

Design Gourd Lamps With Recycled Materials

Unique design lamps using gourds and other recycled materials.

8 years ago