Land art mandala

My name is Tamas Kanya from Budapest, Hungary. I've been creating what you would call mandala compositions on the riverbank…

2 years ago

I Harbour An Obsession With Junk

Discarded metal is refashioned into a landscape painting. Joanne cuts, scratches, and augments found objects to enhance the narrative she…

4 years ago

Landscapes Created with Discarded Envelopes

Brooklyn-based artists Sarah Nicole Phillips creates collages with discarded, patterned office envelopes collected from her own life and the lives…

10 years ago

Diy: Snail Shell Into Mini Garden Planters

Lovely mini-garden planters out of snail shells.

11 years ago

Glass Beach – California

During the early 20th century residents of Fort Bragg, California chose to dispose of their waste by hurling it off…

11 years ago

Wild Wildlife

For over twenty-five years, Davide Pan (born in Italy in 1965 - living in Vancouver, Canada) has produced a remarkable…

13 years ago

Doily Artwork

NeSpoon (a polish artist)  goes to Oak Beach (Baltic sea) every summer holiday. This summer she tried to introduce "street…

13 years ago