Land art mandala

My name is Tamas Kanya from Budapest, Hungary. I've been creating what you would call mandala compositions on the riverbank…

2 years ago

Put Those Autumn Leaves to Good Use in Your Garden

Leaves aren’t useless at all. The frugal gardener can use them to protect tender plants from the cold, dry out…

7 years ago

Ostéoplane Mixed Media Hanging Art

With an interesting blend of materials, from bone, crab pincers, feathers, and more, I created this Mixed Media Hanging Art. You…

7 years ago

Diy Best Out Of Waste: Home Decoration Idea With Dried Leaves & Broomstick

Have you ever given it a thought, that the broom you use to sweep your house clean can be used…

8 years ago

Make Botanical Ice Luminaries

This DIY is so easy and so much fun, a perfect way to create a little winter wonderland! And it's…

9 years ago

Diy Christmas Decorations with Leaves

With some leaves, it is possible to create beautiful Christmas decorations at low cost (Tutorial available at Craft and fun).

9 years ago

The Kiss: Sculpture From Paper & Leaves

Sculpture made with wire mesh, paper, and natural leaves, in the technic of vegetal paper.

10 years ago

Funky Button Earrings

Found these gorgeous leaf buttons that I decided to turn into earrings. Used old earring hooks from my stash of…

10 years ago

Leaf Christmas Tree

Natural tiny Christmas tree!

11 years ago