Led Capsule Lamp

Art Deco meets Modernist design for lighting using recycled materials.

4 years ago

Solar Powered Blue Dasher Dragonfly

I love sharing my passion for all things solar powered recycled sustainable earth friendly artistic & creative. I'm working @…

6 years ago

Led-lit Fractal-burned Pallet Bar For Your Man Cave

Unique l-shaped 2 tier bar made from mostly up-cycled pieces.

6 years ago

Wine Bottle Pendant Light Features Copper Plumbing Fixture

Recycled Hanging Light made from an empty wine bottle and plumbing parts.

7 years ago

Tiki Time Clock

A clock I created with Autocad, an etching laser, and a waterjet. It has LED backlighting with a remote garage…

7 years ago

A Chandelier from the Arabian Nights by Flab

A new way to have a starry sky at home!

7 years ago

Remnant Lamp 2016 From Upcycled Plastic Packagings

Nothing gets wasted at MADE-UP DESIGN NZ!

7 years ago

Fairy Bottle Lamps

These up-cycled lamps are made with recycled bottles & jars and old table legs with a different variation of height…

7 years ago

Recycled Wine Bottle Hanging Light

Pendant light made from an empty wine bottle, some scrap plywood and lit by a 2 watt LED bulb.

7 years ago