Lego Uv Led Flashlight

This is a homemade UV blacklight LED Flashlight made from Legos, some recycled electrical components, and some new electrical components…

4 years ago

Having a Toy Clear Out? Cast Concrete in Play-doh!

Are you clearing out your toy cupboards? If your little ones are no longer playing with the old Play-Doh, then…

8 years ago

Table With Lego’s

I used the unused Lego's of my son with a table found in a second hand shop to make this…

8 years ago

Vintage Lego Bricks Recycled Into Bathroom Sign

I'm redecorating a bathroom and this is the first decoration, a "bain" sign that I will hang above the tub.…

8 years ago

Staircase Shaped With 20,000 Lego Bricks

The first striking feature about this Chelsea apartment is its stair railing made of Lego bricks, adding to the creative…

9 years ago

Lego School Back Bag

Handmade lego old school style bag from recycled materials.

10 years ago

Lego Jewel

You can easily make some nice jewelery simply dipping the piece into paint, or use spraycans. You can make beautiful…

10 years ago

Diy : Lego Party Goody Bags !

Here is an easy way to make fun goody bags for your kid party ! Lego Babyfood ! ++ Here…

11 years ago

The Great Cake Stand Escape

Let's be honest: DIY cake stands are en vogue, people love them, and so do I. But I always like…

11 years ago