living room

Pickle Jar Into Table Lamp

In the olden days, Indians used to prepare pickles once in a year, to be used for the whole year.…

3 years ago

Pine Nightstand Backed Using Corrugated Tin Panel

I made this Pine Nightstand with some standard 1x4" tongue & groove pine boards. Additionally, I used a piece of corrugated…

5 years ago

Upcycled Tin Ceiling Tile Handpainted Apple Art

From demolition arises beautiful artwork, such as this Tin Ceiling Tile painting! I upcycled this Tin Ceiling Tile into a combination…

6 years ago

Wall Decoration Made From Recycled Pallets

We covered one wall of your living room with wooden pallets. For this, we used only standard pallet size that…

7 years ago

Pallet Tv Stand

TV stand made of old shipping pallets.

8 years ago