Rock & Roll Desk Lamp From Recycled Vinyl Records

Lamps made from recycled vinyl records!

7 years ago

Upcycled 12″ Vinyl Record Into Wall Clock

In a previous job, I was lucky enough to work with a laser cutter. I decided to experiment after seeing…

7 years ago

Notebook Made From An Old Beatles Vinyl Record

This Upcycling idea comes from Berlin. Every notebook is unique and contains about 50 sheets (100 pages) of blank, slightly…

9 years ago

Lp Record Side Table

Great reuse of vinyl records !

11 years ago

Lp Books

Beautiful limited serie of LP records book made in Poland ! ++ Drukarnie

13 years ago

Roof Shingled With Old Lp Records

Glassmeyer took 350 damaged vinyl records and, with a single nail and washer through the center of each, used them to shingle…

13 years ago

Diy: Lp Bookends

++ Tutorial here

15 years ago

Lp Record Book

Made by Michael Roger Press

15 years ago