Floor Planks Mirrors

The first 3 mirrors were made from rigid floor planks and mirror tiles. 2 of them can be either leaned…

3 years ago

Vintage Drawer Handles & Pallet Wood Into Mirror

It's a mirror frame made out of pallet wood, vintage drawer handles, and barbed wire. The mirror itself and the…

4 years ago

Upcycled Mirror Set Becomes Window Treatment

Upcycle some vintage dresser mirror sets into a one of a kind window treatment!

6 years ago

Upcycled Kitchen Mirror Makes Room Look Huge!

free wood from the trash cans of the local hardware store. 12 dollars worth of mirrors from the dollar store,…

6 years ago

Upcycled Mirror Frame Helps Plants Grow!

We moved from one apartment to the other side with little window space for my purple potatoes, rose, ginger, onions…

6 years ago

Driftwood Mirror Frame: The Eyes Have It!

I made this Driftwood Mirror Frame using delicate sun-bleached wood. Then I affixed glass eye cabochons to the delicate, entwined…

6 years ago

Upcycled Door Becomes This Mirrored Coat Rack

Don't waste the wood if you're doing a remodel! Look how an Upcycled Door Becomes This Mirrored Coat Rack with just…

7 years ago

10 Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Oyster Shells

It's the first time we share with you some ideas of decorations made from upcycled Oyster shells! Oyster shells are…

7 years ago

My Recycled Pallet Projects

We use to make our furniture mainly recycled pallet & reclaimed wood.

7 years ago