Dining Room Light Fixture From Recycled Plastic Roll

Using plastic from a big roll found in bulk pick-up, I created a modern/industrial dining room lighting fixture.

7 years ago

Doll Eyes Recycled Into Original Ball Ornaments

Handmade and unique art sculpture made it with recycled doll eyes.

7 years ago

Horse Paper Mache Pendant Lamp

Handmade and unique horse lamp from recycled materials.

8 years ago

Modern Art Lamp Shade With Paper Mache

Unique lampshade from recycled paper and cardboard.

8 years ago

Cardboard Table

Handmade cardboard coffee table from recycled materials.

8 years ago

5 Ways to Re-decorate an Old Boring Light

If the lighting in your space, show colorless and boring but have a fabric tops, you can refresh them very easily…

8 years ago

Scrabble Christmas Ornaments

Today I made my first Christmas decoration and embellished a few datura branches. Usually, I plaster every centimeter of my…

8 years ago

Modern Minimal Office Design With Repurposed Pallets

During the last years, the biggest trend in home decoration and design is to recycle and reuse old and often…

8 years ago

Upcycled Old Leggings Into Beautiful Lampshades

If you are fun of creative recycling, you will love this unusual DIY idea found at Vintage Revivals website, that…

9 years ago