Beachy Keen Decorative Driftwood Lamps

This lamp is a cool way to repurpose driftwood, you can paint it or leave it natural

6 years ago

Driftwood Mirror Frame: The Eyes Have It!

I made this Driftwood Mirror Frame using delicate sun-bleached wood. Then I affixed glass eye cabochons to the delicate, entwined…

6 years ago

Driftwood Chandeliers, Sconces, N More!

I turn scrap wood I find along the beach into these Driftwood Chandeliers, Sconces & more! They are a functional…

6 years ago

Naturally Beautiful Driftwood Eye Lamps

My Driftwood Eye Lamps are my latest collection of functional driftwood sculptures. It includes a Fireplace Centerpiece designed to sit…

6 years ago

Candlestick Made from Pallet Wood & Scrap

Small cubes candlesticks made of recycled wood pallets and metal scrap.

7 years ago

60+ Simple & Creative Ideas to Use Wood Branches into Your Home Decoration

Are you living near a forest? If yes, you should take a walk and start to pick up some branches…

7 years ago

Scrap Wood Into Decorative Wood Frame Planters

Restored demolition wood, scrap wood from furniture among other types of salvaged wood are used to create mini indoor vertical…

8 years ago

Diy Christmas Décor Ideas Using Pine Cones

This Christmas, let's get back to the roots because it's a family celebration, it's not about luxurious gifts. Share handmade…

8 years ago

T2 Minimalistic Led Lamp

T2 is a Modern LED Handmade Lamp made of natural materials connected with modern design and technology. It adds a…

9 years ago