In a world where too much seems to go to waste too fast, I have the urgency to move against…

4 years ago

Eco Adornments Recycled From Rubbish

Ocean Alien makes jewelry from trash that spews from the sea during Thailand's monsoon season. The main materials used are…

8 years ago

Recycled Plastic Into Key Rings

Key rings made of micro-plastics from beach cleanups.

9 years ago


Big, bulky floor model rear projection televisions are quickly slipping into the American past. Using the dissected parts of these…

11 years ago

The Seahorse Sculpture – The Worlds Most Complex Papier-mache Sculpture

The Seahorse Hazel Bryce spent six years pushing the boundaries of Papier-mâché to create the most complex large scale Papier-mâché…

12 years ago