Mini Spool Dolls

Mini Spool Dolls made from empty wooden thread spools.

3 years ago

Make Christmas Ornaments With Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper roll is not the first material you may think about to create Christmas ornaments. You may change your…

3 years ago

Christmas Ornaments From Old Books

Reinventing Tramp Art and saving schools and libraries the high cost of disposal of books.

5 years ago

Doll Eyes Recycled Into Original Ball Ornaments

Handmade and unique art sculpture made it with recycled doll eyes.

7 years ago

Upcycled Bike Gear Into Ornaments

Repurposed upcycled bike gears have been handcrafted into original art pieces for the home. The posted photos show a conceptual…

8 years ago

Eco-friendly Holiday Ornaments

These Eco-friendly ornaments are made from the most common materials found in your recycling bin. Cardboard, cans, can tops, old…

8 years ago

Upcycled Plastic Bag Into Christmas Decorations

I know that some folks think plastic bags should be outlawed, but I think of them as crafting supplies. I…

8 years ago

Scrabble Christmas Ornaments

Today I made my first Christmas decoration and embellished a few datura branches. Usually, I plaster every centimeter of my…

8 years ago

Light Bulbs Upcycled Into Xmas Tree Ornaments

You can craft spectacular Christmas ornaments if you keep your burnt out light bulbs!

11 years ago