Handmade Pillows from Comforter, Table Cloth & Pants

Green pillow was handmade from an old table cloth that was stained, so I saved the fabric that wasn't &…

12 years ago

Tee Shirt & Black Jean Purse # 2000th Post!! #

My daughter was throwing out black jeans & a tee shirt. First I cut the legs of the jeans &…

12 years ago

From Old to Bold

Another lazy Sunday afternoon project. My Myriah Carey jeans cause great hilarity amongst my family as I had cut off…

12 years ago

Business Card Into Original Pant

I made my "Agency pants" soon after quitting my job at an Internet services firm. I spent 2 1/2 years…

12 years ago

Upcycled Pants Bowl

We normally knit and crochet using a thread of yarn but what if we add some reducing to our creativity?…

12 years ago

What to Do with Old Pair of Pants ?

You can do bags like Clementine!

15 years ago