Wine Bottle Pendant Light Features Copper Plumbing Fixture

Recycled Hanging Light made from an empty wine bottle and plumbing parts.

7 years ago

Plastic Plumbing Planters Have Steampunk Feel

These mini planters are inspired by the Steampunk style. Read on for complete DIY instructions!

7 years ago

Water Fountain From Recycled Pallet Wood

Not a big deal. Just collect all the left-over, cut pieces from other pallet projects and glued them together. Wrapped…

8 years ago

Industrial Lamp Pipe

This lamp consists of old recycled pipes of plumbing, what gives her a sight so particular.

11 years ago

Trombone Slide Sculpture

Made with an old trombone, plumbing pipes and recycled metal.

11 years ago

Tube Lamp

Lamps made with old pipes of plumbing...

11 years ago

Plumber Lamp

Stainless steel lamp made from pieces of pipe and plumbing fittings. Each tube or fittings are removed, cleaned and re-threading…

11 years ago

Honk Fest

Honk Fest is a water feature made from upcycled musical instruments, brass collectables and plumbing parts.

12 years ago

Liquid Lights

Liquid Light uses a combination of industrial built fixture look with energy efficient led bulbs and art glass to achieve…

13 years ago