recycled bracelets

Keepe – Recycled Bicycle Parts into Jewelry

KEEPE takes used bike parts and let them roll to their new up-cycled purpose as jewelry for cyclist.

4 years ago

Vegan “leather” Bracelets A.k.a. Bike Innertube Bracelets

Repurposed upcycled bike tubes have been handcrafted into original art pieces for your wrist. Each bracelet is unique; no two…

8 years ago

Reciclando Un Bikini (Pulsera Y Collar) / Necklace & Bracelet From Upcycled Bikini

Review and summer clothes recycling is something that a lot of people do these days. I started it and decided…

8 years ago

Upcycled Pencils Into Jewelry

Have some not so great coloring pencils from last school year? Turn them into stylish jewelry. It's surprisingly easy!

8 years ago

Jewelry Made Out of Recycled Magazines

I love to create with magazines and newspaper. I show you several ideas at my blog. These are my latest…

8 years ago

Bracelet Made Out Of Sugar Tongs

Today I would love to show you two tutorials in one. First learn how to drill perfect holes into metall…

8 years ago

Cafetito: Jewelry Made Of Upcycled Nespresso Coffee Capsules

Craft and fun jewelry - made by upcycling philosophy. Leather-based earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings with changeable Nespresso coffee capsule…

8 years ago

Diy: Netted Stone Friendship Bracelets

Upcycle those fish tank stones and turn them intro macrame bracelets. Maybe give one to your best friend for Valentine's…

9 years ago

Diy: Upcycled Heart Charms

Valentine's day is over, but who said you can not keep making heart-shaped jewelry? Besides it's made with upcycled cereal…

9 years ago