recycled pallets

How To Make A Vertical Garden From Pallet Wood

If you've got vibracrete boundary walls on your property, we've made a tutorial video and step-by-step instructions explaining how to…

3 years ago

Vintage Drawer Handles & Pallet Wood Into Mirror

It's a mirror frame made out of pallet wood, vintage drawer handles, and barbed wire. The mirror itself and the…

4 years ago

Recycled Fence From Discarded Fence Boards

Brand new artistic redwood fence created from discarded fence boards.

5 years ago

Pallet Sign “Yes or No?”

Ask her to prom!

6 years ago

My Garden Pallet Projects

I love creating things for my garden using free stuff as I don't have much money. So I started collecting…

6 years ago

Upcycled State Plaque Using Pallets/Corrugated Tin Roofing

This plaque has the State of Alabama cut out of recycled pallet wood and recycled sheet metal roofing attached on…

6 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Spoon Cup Hooks

This is a mug holder made with pallet wood and spoons!

7 years ago

Pallet Kids Hut To Hide The Beds In The Attic Of A Bedroom

We noticed this beautiful creation with pallets, made by a french crafter "Les chines et patines de Ketty". She found…

9 years ago

Pallet Bench Sidecar

After the original wine barrel sidecar, please welcome the recycled pallet bench sidecar... practical to transport all the family or the…

9 years ago