Upcycled Steampunk Portable Whiskey Bar

By Gerry Mckenna

Some old warehouse flooring lightly sanded and treated with some gold leaf. Busted old trumpet and vintage steam gauge put together with a 1950s spirit optic.

Most Original & Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Cars

By Neokentin

While the USA alone throws away 240 million tires every year, over one million cars are scrapped in the UK yearly. Given these statistics, just think about how repurposing old […]

Upcycled Jewelry Becomes Cross Wall Art

By CrossSister

A tribute to Taos New Mexico. Conchos, metal feather earring with a turquoise guitar, beads, leather background and a piece of Tao’s clay.

Earth’s Diverse Landscapes Crafted from Artistically Repurposed Maps & Books

By Neokentin

Chinese artist Ji Zhou works with pastel-colored maps and everyday books to transform these seemingly commonplace items into a range of diverse landscapes. He creatively reshapes old or used paper […]

Exclusive Collage House Developed from Recycled Doors and Windows

By Neokentin

In the Indian city of Mumbai, there are a huge number of informal settlements, which in fact, subtly provide great lessons in resourcefulness, multi-tasking, adaptability, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. This mammoth […]

Camera Jewelry Created Using Old Broken Photog Equipment!

By Neokentin

Ever really break open a camera and look inside? You will find many, many different sizes and shapes of parts that are all connected together. The early camera has the most parts and NO electronics. It takes time to separate all the parts, but this is where the fun begins.

Best of Christmas Crafts to Do With Your Kids

By Neokentin

Christmas is the time to enjoy, have fun and let your kids have a wonderful vacation. Allow them to roll up their sleeves and bring these brilliant Christmas craft ideas […]

Trash Becomes Super-cute Recycled Plastic Turtles!

By Neokentin

We make products and jewelry like these Recycled Plastic Turtles entirely from plastic waste.  Our latest creation is this cute little sea turtle. It represents one of the sea creatures most […]

Twisted Wire Pallet Lamp Upcycles Two Products

By Antoni

I made this Twisted Wire Pallet Lamp with various upcycled materials. I used a USB lamp because it has a warm, inviting light. Make a light of your design, and find […]

Recycled Plastic Turtles: Company Aims To Change Art!

By Neokentin

These little guys are made from discarded plastic bottle tops.

Botts Dots Lane Reflector Upcycled Owls

By StarvedRaccoon

From the streets to my kitchen.. .nesting owls!

Turn Trash Into Gorgeous Window Screens!

By PJ1Priestley

I live in a French style apartment. The landlords business is below me and I am living above him. I needed screens and I knew I could make them without having to bother the landlord. I used a hax-saw and a stapler, free wood from the trash can of the hardware store, cheap fabric mess from the fabric store. I also used a wood glue, 2 cans of glossy black spray paint per screen.

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