Steampunk Lamps & Furniture’s

Worth checking out as they are just great-looking furniture. We take time to make those, take care of the details,…

2 years ago

Old Aluminum Blinds Into Lampshade

Upcycle metal window blinds into a contemporary version of a mid-century Tiki-style lampshade.

3 years ago

Upcycled Maps Into Bookmark

Reuse old unused maps and make a bookmark with them.

4 years ago

How to Recycle Your Artificial Christmas Wreaths into Perfect Summer Décor

Christmas comes and goes so quickly, that by January 1st you’re often sat wondering, why did I bother spending time…

5 years ago

Recycling Ceiling Fan Blades Into Home Décorations

We were at our beach house on Dauphin Island and had to replace an exterior ceiling fan. The blades were…

6 years ago

Upcycled Chromed Copper Artisan Earrings

From under sink to under ear... who knew these little pieces of pipe could grow up to be artisan earrings!…

6 years ago

17th Century Inspired Upcycled Knight Costume

Quixote: on the Conquest of Self, Writers Theatre, director Claudio Valdes Kuri, costume design by Sanja Manakoski, lighting design by…

6 years ago

Stop-motion Video: Upcycled Mechanical Whippet Puppet

This is BITZ. Using my pet whippets as inspiration I set myself the challenge to build a functional stop-motion puppet…

7 years ago

Top 10 Wrapping Ideas from Repurposed Materials

Once you find the proper gift to give, the battle is only half won. Now you need to wrap it…

7 years ago