Unique Furniture Made From Recycled Rims

Hello, I’m Milena, I'm a young designer and I love recycling. I’m part of MP PROJECT from Poland. We revive…

7 years ago

To Re-cycle, To Re-inspire, That Is The Question! To Suffer The Indignation Of Rusting Away In Some Landfill, Or To Create Inspiration From The Creation Of New Life!

Thanks to Willm. Shakespeare, for the prose, we all desire to slip a little into our futures, and reinvent ourselves.…

8 years ago

Repurposed Bmx Rims Into Coffee Tables

So I had a couple of things laying around the workshop I wanted to repurpose/recycle. I started with X8 old 10inch…

8 years ago

Amazing Recycled Arts From Tires, Hubcaps & Rims

Our cars take us to many exciting destinations and help us meet some fascinating people. We met people who have brought…

8 years ago

Modern Light From Upcycled Bike Rims

This lighting fixture is made from 2 recycled bike rims.

9 years ago