Upcycled Robot Maker

I assemble figures, basically robots, only utilizing reused scrap metal parts. I discover materials in junk jars, in the road,…

4 years ago

Old Bill: Robot Sculpture

I present you old Bill, he is a one of a kind upcycled robot. Bill was built in my shed…

5 years ago

Aliens in the Forest

A sad but intriguing story of discarded electronic components who clone themselves then flee to the forest to avoid recycling.…

5 years ago

The Optic Reader Robot

I built this mini robot which will be perfect for a desk decoration from an old DVD player. I used…

5 years ago

Amazing Giant Robot Out Of Empty Cosmetic Boxes

It's hard to bin something so beautiful, but inevitably this is where most end up! So when my partner who…

6 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Altoids Robot Army Can Be Yours!

Here's how to assemble a small Altoids Robot from a┬ábreath mint┬átin. You don't need expensive tools or have an engineering…

6 years ago

Top 5 August Upcycled Projects 2017 Picked By You!

You picked the Top 5 August Upcycled Projects of 2017. As always, we thank you for sharing your creativity and…

6 years ago

Let’s Roll: Audibot Transformer-style Robot

I cut up some unused children's toys, and made this robot.

7 years ago

Unique Sci-fi Robot Junk Sculptures Will Keep You Guessing!

A few years ago I wanted to start making more art and also wanting to reuse, recycle, repurpose more. So…

7 years ago