salvaged bike parts

Our Upcycling Design REC.ON Re.newed Design

Rec.on brand gives recovered auto parts a new chance to shine again. Using a unique upcycling process, we transform used,…

3 years ago

Upcycled Barstool

This stool has been around our house for decades. I wanted to use it for a plant stand or a…

4 years ago

Freewheel & Spoke 3 Light Chandelier

This contemporary 3-light fixture is made up of a bicycle hub and recycled silver spokes. The spokes are positioned in…

4 years ago

Keepe – Recycled Bicycle Parts into Jewelry

KEEPE takes used bike parts and let them roll to their new up-cycled purpose as jewelry for cyclist.

4 years ago

Freewheel Pendant Light

We've built this front hub pendant light out of recycled bike parts. Freewheel characteristics: Freewheel hubBlack socket.18 tooth single freewheel cog.18 stainless…

5 years ago

Front Hub Pendant Light

We've built this front hub pendant light out of recycled bike parts.  Front hub characteristics: Black or silver front hub.Black…

5 years ago

Old Lamp Saved From The Landfill

If you have an old lamp that isn’t working and is too costly to repair, don’t trash it! There are…

5 years ago

Bau-bike: Inspired by Bauhaus Design !

From their website : " The BauBike is inspired by Bauhaus design.It is constructed around the geometric shape of the…

14 years ago