Green Devil Punk Bear From Upcycled Items

I make art from abandoned and preowned toys as a statement on the ugliness of our throwaway society.

6 years ago

Scrabble Christmas Ornaments

Today I made my first Christmas decoration and embellished a few datura branches. Usually, I plaster every centimeter of my…

8 years ago

Wombling for Clocks

I really enjoy re/upcycling nearly anything but at the moment it seems to be clocks...

9 years ago

Embroidery Items

These are accessories that I've made. I have recycled these tings into upcycled goods: Board games -Monopoly, Scrabble, CandyLand, Trivia…

10 years ago

Scrabble Tile Coasters


12 years ago

Scrabble Letter Lovers

Image courtesy of Mil-Parolas on FlickR

13 years ago

Scrabble Keyboard (& Others)

Plenty of beautiful custom works on keyboards or computers. Here is the scrabble one, but also available : aviator, sojourner...…

15 years ago