After The Meal/ATM, Art Created From the Shells of Seafood

Using Different shells and popsicle sticks, I have created sculptures meant to capture the imagination.

3 years ago

She Makes Sea Shell, Sea Sand Wall Art

This is a an inspirational piece base on my trip to Aruba.

7 years ago

Chandelier from the Sea

Created with a huge pebble from Annapolis Royal NS, the shells from scallops from Digby NS and they were delightful!!…

7 years ago

Abstract Assemblages Made From Flotsam & Found Objects

These are small sculptures that I've assembled in the summer of 2014. They're mainly made from baltic sea flotsam and…

8 years ago

Bag Made With Recycled Plastic Bottles

This bag is made out of three upcycled plastic bottles and a rope.

8 years ago

Petraoleum Creatures From Recycled Plastic Bottles

On earth new species are discovered every day, beauties that enchant our senses, hypnotise and leave us breathless. Shall we…

9 years ago

Diy: Seashell Wind Chime

Use the shells you collected on your vacation and make this goodbye Summer project.

9 years ago

Waves Art Sculpture

A piece of sea sculpture Ι design it first in natural clay and then constructed copied from paper mache.

10 years ago

Driftwood Accessories by Jennifer Vosteen

At Recyclart, we love driftwood Art and so, we loved the creations of Jennifer ! We called it "Happiness Driftwood"…

11 years ago