Upcycling Dress from T-shirt and Leggings

A video tutorial on how to make a dress out of an old t-shirt and leggings!

5 years ago

Make Upcycled Mini Notebooks: DIY Video Tutorial!

Learn how to make these cute mini notebooks that you can use as key rings or as simple pocket-sized notebooks.…

6 years ago

Street Style Inspired Mens Shirt Dress: Upcycled Fashion

I've seen a ton of men's button up DIY's on the internet, and I wanted to do something different. I…

6 years ago

Rug Burns: Upcycled Rug Into Urban Tube Top

I found a funky piece of material at a¬†thrift store, and when I got home, I realized it was a…

6 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Refashioned Tank Top From Men’s Shirt

Got an old shirt and need some fall tops? Just follow the video instructions and create a new garment for…

6 years ago

September Sewing Month Project Ideas!

In the United States, September is National Sewing Month, so let's have some fun with these¬†Sewing Month Project Ideas! Dust…

6 years ago

Restored Singer Industrial Sewing Machine

Sometimes recycling, upcycling, etc., is RESTORING something to its original functionality. Here is my 1918 model 43-5 Singer Industrial Sewing…

6 years ago

Decorative Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag Can Upcycle Memories

This Scrap Cloth Cotton Bag was made by upcycling scraps of pretty cloth and creating a mini quilt on a…

7 years ago

Upcycled Sewing Machine Bobbins Into Earrings

When I purchased an assortment of small novelty items, two sewing machine bobbins were included. So, I made a sewing…

7 years ago