Land art mandala

My name is Tamas Kanya from Budapest, Hungary. I've been creating what you would call mandala compositions on the riverbank…

2 years ago

After The Meal/ATM, Art Created From the Shells of Seafood

Using Different shells and popsicle sticks, I have created sculptures meant to capture the imagination.

3 years ago

Pretty Mixed-media Upcycled Jewelry Pieces

I made these Upcycled Jewelry Pieces using various materials, including shells, CDs, Ox bone, vinyl records, and more! Design out…

6 years ago

She Makes Sea Shell, Sea Sand Wall Art

This is a an inspirational piece base on my trip to Aruba.

7 years ago

Upcycled Shell Butterfly Wall Art

This is a butterfly made out of sea shells I picked up in Aruba and a paper clip. The background…

7 years ago

Chandelier from the Sea

Created with a huge pebble from Annapolis Royal NS, the shells from scallops from Digby NS and they were delightful!!…

7 years ago

10 Beautiful Ways to Repurpose Oyster Shells

It's the first time we share with you some ideas of decorations made from upcycled Oyster shells! Oyster shells are…

7 years ago